There are many tips designed in handling anger management. Being able to defuse the situation that allowed the escalating of anger is the primary goal. Unfortunately anger does produce physical symptoms in many cases. You can experience an increase in blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease or any other illness that can even be death dealing. So it is imperative that you learn to manage your anger in any way possible.

To release anger, you can do the following…

· Adopt gentle breathing techniques. Breathing in and out slowly will encourage your inner being to slow down and a calming effect to take over. This will then enable you to take matters into hand and attempt to resolve what it was that provoked you in the first place.

· Exercise, exercise and exercise. Physical activity will help in dispersing the increased adrenaline that is now running rampant. When angry, the “fight or flight” syndrome kicks in and when the adrenaline has no place to go, negative physical symptoms are experienced.

· If you are a writer, than by all means journal your feelings and find out what it is that has caused you such increased anger and your need to manage those feelings. By writing down your feelings on a piece of paper to be discarded is quite a healing process. You find ways to control your tendency to anger in ways you could not possibly imagine.

Other helpful ways to include in anger management tips would be to resort to tears or even yelling at the top of your voice. Of course you may want to take into consideration your neighbors and provide yourself with a soft pillow to muffle additional noises.

There are many tips for anger management and these tips are most helpful when applied. In this manner you should be able to control your anger and any physical symptoms that may result from your lack of self control.