Children who have not been taught to manage their anger will grow up facing bigger problems. They will not have learned how to keep their emotions under control in any given situation. Temper tantrums are unique to children, even at a toddler’s age.

When a child displays a temper tantrum, you first reaction should be one of calmness. At the same time, you will need to be firm in dealing with tantrums. Your child will take you seriously when he knows that his reactions are not tolerated. Timeouts are the usual method of discipline. Even providing some sort of distraction will enable a child to forget why he is in such a foul mood.

Teenagers are another story. Diplomacy and tact is usually what is needed when teaching your teen that their behavior is unacceptable. With teenagers, you will need to learn to be a good listener. Explore why your child is so upset by asking questions. On the other hand you will need to let your child know that under no circumstances is the demonstrated behavior acceptable. Throwing things, slamming doors or refusing to do homework or housework should come with appropriate consequences for these unwanted reactions.

Your teenager will need to learn that as they get older, they are going to have to keep their emotions under control and to do so in an adult like way that is socially acceptable. Rewards could be given for self control and appropriate processing anger.

When it comes to anger management in children, discipline should be age appropriate. Yet in all circumstances, should it be enforced that angry outbursts will not be tolerated whether from a toddler or a teenager. Uncontrolled behavior is damaging, not only to the child but to anyone who comes in contact with a person who is unable to get a handle on their negative emotions.