Being angry comes with life’s territory. Many of us have experienced that negative emotion. And many of us have found ways to deal with anger in a positive manner, thus eliminating many of the physical ailments associated with uncontrolled anger and preserving the health of our friends and family.

When you feel yourself becoming angry, count to 10. That may seem simple, but in reality you are getting your mind off the cause of your anger and concentrating on counting. Count backwards from 100 if you are indeed really angry. This will allow you time to regroup your thoughts and begin speaking in a more rational manner.

Become physical. And not towards the person you are angry with. Go for a long walk, a swim or exercise on a stationary bicycle. The object is to disperse the adrenaline which is now coursing unrestrained throughout your body. The “fight or flight” emotion is in full swing.

Breathe correctly. This will calm your heart rate and your respiration. Perhaps you can slow down your breathing while counting backwards from 100. Your mind is redirected and your aim is to succeed in this task.

Instead of pointing an accusatory finger at the person your anger is directed towards, speak in the first person. This may help in teaching you that you, at times, have been guilty for the same reason that you are now angry about in the other person. You also become a part of the treatment for the other person in that you do not upset that person as already their emotions are pretty raw. No sense beating a person down when they have already done that to themselves so many times.

If you know you are quick to anger, there are some steps you can take before letting this negative emotion get out of control. By applying these steps you help yourself emotionally and physically and allow the person their dignity in dealing with you as well as themselves.