At times, Christians wonder if it is wrong to express anger. Being a student of the Bible, you no doubt came across two principles in dealing with anger.

* Do not sin in your anger nor let the sun set while still angry.
* Ask God for peace because you trust God.

Finding yourself angry at a person requires some positive action on your part. The first is to calm down and control your emotions. You don’t want to attack the person who you feel has wronged you, especially if you are in a provoked state. Words are said under those emotions that can never be taken back.

Sometimes it would be wise to remove yourself and go to a private place. Breathe slowly and calmly until you resume normal breathing. Being a Christian, you also realize how important it is to pray and now would be one of those times when prayer is needed. You need to ask for peace from God that excels all thought and will guard our heart and mind.

If you still find yourself angry, your adrenalin is at a high point and sometimes you will need to find something to do physically to disperse it. A good run is very helpful. And if you find this to be hard for you, than journaling your thoughts may help.

When writing your thoughts, it should always be with the view to help you. Writing despairingly of the source of your anger serves only to extend your negative emotions. Your primary goal is to defuse negative emotions. Never point an accusatory finger and always write with the aim of finding a solution.

When angry, take time out. Seek the comfort of God’s wisdom and apply them in your daily life. Always remember that you may have made someone else angry and they continued to treat you as a friend. You should do likewise.