There are many techniques offered in handling anger management. The end objective is to defuse the emotions that anger initiates along with the physical symptoms manifested. Many people have different means of anger management and what works for them may not work for someone else.

To release anger, you can do the following…

* Pound a pillow. No matter how hard you hit the pillow; it is soft and won’t hurt you.
* Have a good scream or cry in private. Crying releases emotions that are pent up. But it may be a good idea to either cry or scream into a pillow, if anything, for your neighbor’s sake.
* Journaling. Write what made you angry and how you felt. Than get rid of the paper. You have allowed your negative emotions to be transferred onto a piece of paper that can be discarded.
* Another way is to take a pencil and to throw it, with force, onto the floor. Of course you will want to make sure that the pencil or any other object in no way can hit someone else.

When you have calmed yourself, than you are able to speak to the person who you think has offended you to the point that your reaction becomes quite negative. Refrain from accusing the person and speak in the first person. That way, a calming situation will not escalate once again into a shouting match or worse yet, physical altercations. Your voice should maintain an even tone.

When you have applied anger management skills, you can also provide solutions that will allow you to agree with the other person. Allow that person dignity, no matter how angry you are. No one should be treated less than an equal. Everyone is born with rights and everyone has the right to be heard in a civil manner.