You did it! You allowed your anger to come to the point of raging against another person, while driving or speaking abusively in a group of people. The police were called. You had to go to court and now you are mandated to attend an anger management group. What an example you provided for your family and friends!

Most people who cannot control their anger think they are in the right. They are not the ones with the problem is their way of thinking. It is always the other person who is in the wrong or who is at fault for making them angry.

By attending an anger management group you will learn what your triggers are, how to resolve conflicts peacefully and how to be more assertive.

Aggressive people tend to assert themselves through anger and aggression. Yet, being assertive and demonstrating aggression are two very different emotions. Each has to be handled differently.

Triggers are negative responses to a situation, environment over even a person. Perhaps you have a long way to drive to work. There are stupid people on the road that are doing stupid things. At least that is your perception. Your anger builds and by the time you get to work, you are in a horrible mood.

By attending an anger management group, you will learn to deal with managing anger and the triggers that cause you to go into a rage. Many times you will need to learn to let a situation or comment go, because you really cannot control the other person’s actions or speech.

By talking to others who have gone through an anger management program, and to the counselors and therapists, you are now taking the first steps in healing your body and emotions. By applying the tools you have learned you can expect to keep your anger under control as you go about the daily task of surviving in an increasing anger filled world.