Did you know that remaining angry can kill you? Being angry can destroy your relationships, your family and even your work.

Without managing your anger properly, anger can lead to a host of physical ailments. You can get high blood pressure, cancer and so forth. Some of these illnesses can be fatal.

There are really two types of anger. The under current anger which is pent up anger and the newly found anger. Each should be dealt with differently.

Take pent up anger. This is anger that has been going on for a long time. You have never dealt with it. If it is towards a person, whenever that person does something you don’t like, it acts as a trigger for you and you experience newly found anger. No healing has taken place. That person or event will always evoke negative emotions in you. If you do find yourself with this hidden anger, it is best to seek the confidence of a trusted friend or get some mental health therapy. Talk your emotions out. Deal with it in a positive way. You will find that, most of the time, it is you who is responsible for “blowing things out of proportion.” Not the other person. They are getting on with their life. You haven’t.

The newly found anger is treated right then and there. Either by physical activity of some sort or getting into a car and going for a road trip. This can be used to collectively gather your thoughts and take each peace of negative emotion on your part and start the healing process. Take into consideration your triggers. Is there something that just grates your nerves about a certain person or a group of people? Perhaps their attitude “rubs” you the wrong way.

By responding in a mature and powerful manner, you don’t give in to a display of childish aggression which is a definite sign of weakness.