Anger has been around forever and that is not likely to change; but you can!

The idea that you cannot control your anger or your behavior is a myth. You are in complete control of your daily life activities and your actions at all times. You make decisions, you go to work, you buy a car, you go to school, you marry, and you choose friends. The list could go on and on, but the point is you determine your life and what happens in it. Basically, you have the freedom to choose your path in life.

One choice you may be struggling with in your adult life is “how” to manage and control your anger. If this struggle is ever present in your life, you are not alone. Many, many adults have problems with angry feelings because we are not taught how to handle the emotion of anger as children. If you cry or express sadness, everyone knows what to do, if you show signs of happiness, others join in, but what happens when you express anger? Does anyone say, “It’s okay that you feel angry?” How about anger as a child? Did anyone stand around and say, “Oh, that’s wonderful that you feel angry?”

As children, most of us were not welcome to experience or express anger. That statement is not to blame; it is to wake you up to the fact that as an adult, you have an obligation to yourself and others.

Learn how to manage your anger. Learn what is causing it and learn healthy new behaviors to replace the old ones that aren’t working for you anymore!