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How To Manage Your Child’s Anger

Children who have not been taught to manage their anger will grow up facing bigger problems. They will not have learned how to keep their emotions under control in any given situation. Temper tantrums are unique to children, even at a toddler’s age.
When a child displays a temper tantrum, you first reaction should… [Read more of this review]

Does Anger Management Group Work?

You did it! You allowed your anger to come to the point of raging against another person, while driving or speaking abusively in a group of people. The police were called. You had to go to court and now you are mandated to attend an anger management group. What an example you provided for your family and friends!
Most… [Read more of this review]


Coping With Anger: How To Cope With Anger

Anger literally can kill you and all of us will need to learn how to cope with anger. With enough will power, you can learn to calm yourself and then be able to think rationally. Only then will you be able to talk to whoever it was that offended you. By listening to the other side of the story, a solution is presented and… [Read more of this review]

Learning How To Control Anger

Being angry comes with life’s territory. Many of us have experienced that negative emotion. And many of us have found ways to deal with anger in a positive manner, thus eliminating many of the physical ailments associated with uncontrolled anger and preserving the health of our friends and family.
When you feel yourself becoming… [Read more of this review]

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